Press Release

Transcend announces its New "JetFlash™ elite" Software Application for the JetFlash™ series of USB Flash Drives

Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend) is proud to announce the release of its new, advanced bundled Software for the JetFlash™ series of USB Flash Drives, presenting the user-friendly JetFlash elite software package. JetFlash elite is new software that focuses on the needs of the user and is specifically developed to help you manage you data and increase your productivity. The JetFlash elite software pack includes useful software applications such as, PC-Lock, Secret-Zip, E-Mail, AutoLogin, Favorites, DataBackup and My JetFlash solutions. When you use the JetFlash elite software in conjunction with your JetFlash USB Flash Drive you can easily accomplish many important online tasks using a single platform. One of the JetFlash elite's online operations is the E-Mail function, which securely, Sends, Receives and Saves your E-mail from any compatible computer, even using different E-mail accounts and leaving no trace of your correspondence on the PC. Another of the JetFlash elite's online functions is the AutoLogin feature, which you can set up to automatically log you in to websites by entering your Username and Password with a single mouse click, provided you have a registered user account. Rounding off the JetFlash elite's online functions is its Favorites feature, which saves a copy of all your Internet Explorer favorites from a PC to your JetFlash. This allows you to plug your JetFlash into any compatible computer and browse your favorite websites. Your JetFlash combined with the JetFlash elite software creates a very powerful package that gives you excellent online mobility, security and convenience.

In addition to providing outstanding online solutions your JetFlash and JetFlash elite software work together brilliantly to enhance and improve the ways in which you can interact with your PC. The JetFlash elite's PC-Lock feature allows you to use the JetFlash as a key to lock your desktop, or notebook computer by simply unplugging the JetFlash, thereby disabling the computer and preventing others from accessing your data. You can also setup the PC-Lock to automatically unlock the computer after a certain period of time has elapsed. Another of the JetFlash elite's system enhancing features is the Secret-Zip high-level security function. Secret-Zip not only compresses your saved files to maximize memory storage space, but it also provides very powerful password protection for your data by encrypting the files using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm. The Secret-Zip feature means you now need less storage capacity to securely save your files. In addition to the PC-Lock and Secret-Zip features, the JetFlash elite software has a DataBackup function that allows you to Backup, Restore and Synchronize your data. After you setup the JetFlash's DataBackup you will be able to update all of your modified data with a single mouse click. A final system-enhancing feature of the JetFlash elite software is the My JetFlash function. My JetFlash allows you to easily access your JetFlash data. Just one click conveniently opens the contents of your JetFlash USB Flash Drive, so you can manage your information without the hassle of having to locate and open the removable disk drive letter that represents the JetFlash. Transcend's JetFlash elite software will allow you to mobilize your data and simplify the way you interact with your computer by providing powerful, yet easy to use applications that improve the way store, share and carry your digital world. All of the JetFlash elite's applications are supported in Windows® ME, 2000 and XP.

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