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Transcend Releases 1-inch IDE Flash Disks (IFD) with Capacity up to 8GB

Apr 16, 2007
Transcend Information, Inc., a global leading company in flash memory products, releases the 1-inch IDE Flash Disks (IFD) series with capacity up to 8GB. Industrial PCs, Set-Top Boxes and other industrial computer systems are often required to operate in harsh environments. Transcend's 1-inch IDE Flash Disks are specially designed for use with specialist equipment in demanding industrial environments. With a tough outer metal case, enormous capacities, high reliability, low power consumption, and anti-shock features, the 1-inch IDE Flash Disk is ideal for use in the rugged environmental conditions that are often the norm in industrial settings.

Transcend's 1-inch IDE Flash Disk series has a distinct advantage over standard 1-inch HDDs; our IFD is a solid-state memory with no moving parts, and therefore not susceptible to mechanical failure as a result of vibration. The IDE Flash Disk is compact in size and measures only 40.0mm x 30.0mm x 3.3mm, which makes it very easy to install. In addition, it has built-in ECC (Error Code Correcting) functionality that ensures highly reliable data transfer. Transcend's 1-inch IDE Flash Disks are the best choice for your specialized industrial computer equipment, and they are now available in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB capacities.

Product Features
  • Fully compatible with devices and Operating Systems that support the IDE standard (35-Pin FPC cable ZIF connector)
  • Supports up to Ultra DMA Mode 4 transfer modes
  • Built-in ECC functionality ensures highly reliable data transfer
  • Lower power consumption
  • LED indicates usage status
  • 2-year warranty

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