Transcend MTS Series with the next generation SATA III 6Gb/s interface and ultra compact dimensions make it best suited to address the high performance needs and strict size limitations of small form factor devices. This means it is perfect for use in today’s modern Ultrabooks, thin and light notebooks, and tablets. As the needs for memory space have increased, the MTS series features outstanding storage capacity ranging from 32GB to 512GB. With the latest SATA III 6Gb/s specification, powerful controller and exceptional transfer speeds, the M.2 SSD easily handles everyday computing tasks as well as demanding multimedia applications.



  • Space-saving M.2 form factor (42mm / 60mm / 80mm) – ideal for mobile computing devices
  • Supports DevSleep mode, which allows devices to completely shut down the SATA interface and conserve battery life unlike existing partial/slumber states
  • DDR3 DRAM cache
  • Supports S.M.A.R.T., TRIM and NCQ command
  • RoHS compliant


Interface (connector) M.2 module notch B+M
Form Factor M.2 TYPE 2242-D2-B-M
M.2 TYPE 2260-D2-B-M
M.2 TYPE 2280-D2-B-M
Dimensions (mm) MTS400: 42.0mm × 22.0mm × 3.5mm (1.65" x 0.87" x 0.14")
MTS600: 60.0mm × 22.0mm × 3.5mm (2.36" x 0.87" x 0.14")
MTS800 / MTS860: 80.0mm × 22.0mm × 3.5mm (3.15" x 0.87" x 0.14")
Flash Type MTS400 / MTS600 / MTS800: Synchronous MLC
MTS860: SuperMLC
Capacity (GB) MTS400: 32GB / 64GB /128GB / 256GB / 512GB
MTS600: 32GB / 64GB /128GB / 256GB / 512GB
MTS800: 32GB / 64GB /128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB
MTS860: 64GB
Weight MTS400: 4g (0.14 oz)
MTS600: 6g (0.61 oz)
MTS800 / MTS860: 9g (0.32 oz)
Max. R/W Performance
(Vary by density)
MTS400: Read: 560MB/s, Write: 460MB/s
MTS600: Read: 550MB/s, Write: 460MB/s
MTS800: Read: 550MB/s, Write: 460MB/s
MTS860: Read: 570MB/s, Write: 320MB/s (64GB)
Operating Voltage DC 3.3V±5%
Power Consumption(W) 3.67W (Active), 0.55W (Idle)
Operating Temperature 0°C(32°F) to 70°C(158°F)
Storage Temperature(℃) -40℃~85℃
Humidity(%) 0%~95%
Shock(G) 1500G, 0.5ms
Vibration(Hz/G) (Operating) 3G (Peak-to-Peak), 5-800Hz (Frequency)
(Non-Operating) 5G (Peak-to-Peak), 5-800Hz (Frequency)
Warranty Three-year Limited Warranty*
*Please access here for more information about Transcend Warranty Policy.
*Note Speed may vary due to host hardware, software and usage.

Due to the complexity and variety of industrial applications, Transcend cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with all platforms and under all scenarios.
For special applications and environments, it is strongly suggested to contact Transcend beforehand for clarification.

Order Information

  • TS32GMTS400
  • TS32GMTS600
  • TS32GMTS800
  • TS64GMTS400
  • TS64GMTS600
  • TS64GMTS800
  • TS64GMTS860
  • TS128GMTS400
  • TS128GMTS600
  • TS128GMTS800
  • TS256GMTS400
  • TS256GMTS600
  • TS256GMTS800
  • TS512GMTS400
  • TS512GMTS600
  • TS512GMTS800
  • TS1TMTS800